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Some programs are pre-arranged between the Museum and GSKH and those programs can be found in the annual GSKH Program Guide. Please contact the Scout office for more details at 316.684.6531 or check out the online activity guides.

We offer camp-ins and workshops on-demand for the badges listed below. Note: the cost does not include the badge itself.


  • Potter: Take a specialized tour of our Ancient Greece exhibit and learn about the various types of pottery used during that time period. Then learn to make your own pinch pot and other fun clay decorations. Finally, paint your clay pieces to take home beautiful pieces of art. Cost: $13/girl, $10/adult
  • Letterboxer: Welcome to the adventure that is letterboxing! Test your seeking skills in a special scavenger hunt through the museum, and then create your own code to help your fellow Brownies find an artifact of your choice. Then you will make your own letterboxing stamp to use while you hunt for a local letterbox. Finally, your group will create their very own letterbox to take back home and hide. Cost: $10/girl, $10/adult


  • Jeweler: Go on a special gem and jewelry tour of the Museum and discover the adornments of different cultures and people. Learn how to make a variety of jewelry pieces out of different mediums.  Make and take several pieces of jewelry home. Parents are encouraged to participate in the jewelry making as well! Cost: $10/girl, $10/adult
  • Playing the Past: Go back in time and experience the life of an Egyptian woman. Imagine what your day-to-day activities in Ancient Egypt would have been and have a taste of the food from that time. Create your own Egyptian jewelry and learn to write in hieroglyphs. Lastly, dress up and act out the role of an Egyptian woman. Cost: $10/girl, $10/adult
  • Detective: Put your detective skills to work at the Museum of World Treasures. Improve your powers of observation by taking a closer look at what your fingerprints and handwriting reveal about you. Create and solve coded messages with your fellow girl scouts. Finally, follow the clues to find the secret hidden within the museum. Cost: $10/girl, $10/adult
  • Musician: Discover the historical instruments on display throughout the Museum of World Treasures while listening to anthems from around the world. Talk to your fellow Girl Scouts about your favorite music, create your very own instrument, and practice playing it in a group performance. Cost: $10/girl, $10/adult


  • Night Owl:* Take a flashlight tour of the museum while learning about the nocturnal habits of dinosaurs and ancient creatures. Use what you learned on the tour to create your very own nocturnal animal. Discover what it would be like to work after the sun sets, and hear a legend of the night sky. Cost: $12/girl, $12/adult
  • Book Artist: Take a tour of both new and historical books on display within the Museum of World Treasures, including a 14th century Bible and a signed copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Then learn techniques in bookbinding to create your very own books that you can keep or give to a friend. Cost: $12/girl, $12/adult
  • Field Day:  Get a healthy dose of competition in an ancient Roman themed field day at the Museum of World Treasures. Start by dividing into teams and taking on symbolic team colors. Then take part in Roman-centered games which include target practice, colosseum construction, Roman Scrabble, and a pentathlon comprised of five challenging puzzles. Cost: $11/girl, $11/adult
  • Special Agent: Put on your investigative hat, grab your magnifying glass, and get ready to enter the world of a special agent. Learn how to decipher fingerprints, try your hand at forensic chemistry, and be able to identify when someone is being dishonest. Then test your memory and description skills in order to identify the suspect. Cost: $10/girl, $10/adult

*This workshop is only offered in the evenings. Or stay the whole night! Call the Museum of World Treasures to learn more about turning it into an overnight camp-in.

Museum of World Treasures camp-ins are also perfect for your Boy Scout or Cub Scout group events. Visit our Midnight at the Museum page to learn more.

Contact the Education department by email at, or call (316) 263-1311 for more information.

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We invite your group to drop the textbooks and immerse themselves in history as they journey through time. We provide extensive resources to plan your visit and guide students through an educational tour of the Museum.

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