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Museum Escape

Learn more about the stories behind the stories with Museum Escape! As part of your regular admission price, you and your family, co-workers and/or friends will receive a set of four challenges, each focused on a particular exhibit. The challenges are in the form of quizzes, puzzles and the like that encourage familiarization with the exhibit and/or artifact in question. Designed by Wichita Escape Room, these challenges range from easy to extremely difficult. All, however, are similar to room escapes with which you might have participated. This is a great team building activity for family, friends, or work mates, and it is completely free with your purchase of one or more admission tickets to the Museum!

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Banquet Rental Space

The Museum offers great spaces to host any event, from large wedding receptions to smaller, corporate meetings. We offer in-house services for events, and with Egyptian mummies and dinosaurs, we provide good company, too.

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