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Group Tours

Experience a trip through time when you visit our unique and exciting Museum of World Treasures. The Museum offers a chance to view real dinosaurs, including Ivan the Tyrannosaurus rex, ancient civilizations exhibits including two Egyptian mummies, an American presidents exhibit, military history exhibits, an early frontier exhibit, and artifacts of American culture, historic authors, historic music composers, and much more!

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Tour Options

Extended Highlight Tour: $8 per person/$120 minimum +tax (up to 90 minutes)
     Add-on Behind the Scenes Tour: $4 per person (Groups of 30 and under)
Self-guided tour $8 per person/$80 minimum +tax

Highlight Tour price includes admission.

Hours of Operation

Group tours are available Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday are options based on tour guide availability - reservation required

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Banquet Rental Space

The Museum offers great spaces to host any event, from large wedding receptions to smaller, corporate meetings. We offer in-house services for events, and with Egyptian mummies and dinosaurs, we provide good company, too.

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